site concept by natalie dee. contest organized by natalie and drew.

Winner will be picked randomly and will be awarded one of each of the following items:

From Natalie Dee:
* "Airplane" t-shirt.
* "Poop Bunny" t-shirt.
* "Sandwiches" t-shirt.
* Set of four handmade postcards.
* Set of four 1" buttons.
* "NO" tote bag.

From Toothpaste For Dinner:
* "Parts" t-shirt.
* "Floor is Made of Lava" t-shirt.
* "Bald spot" t-shirt.
* "Beard of the Month Club" t-shirt.
* "Canada" t-shirt.
* "WMD" t-shirt.
* "Gang Sines" t-shirt.
* Mad Drew: Beyond Coffeedome novel.
* Set of four 1" buttons.
* "Hamster" tote bag.
* The Floor Is Made of Lava, CD.
* Who Loves The Sun, 8x10" acrylic painting.

From Kompressor:
* Kompressor logo t-shirt.
* "Discipline" CD.

From Wigu:
* A set of WIGU Volume 1 & 2 graphic novels (picture)

From Guster:
* Autographed copy of "Keep It Together" CD.
* "Lost and Gone Forever" CD.
* "Guster On Ice: Live from Portland ME" DVD.
* Collection of Guster stickers/buttons.

From White Ninja Comics:
* White Ninja logo t-shirt.

From Leetcore:
* "%lt;3" logo t-shirt.
* "kthx." logo t-shirt.

From Cat And Girl:
* Two different Cat And Girl t-shirts.

From Doug Cheatwood:
* "Stories About Gods", "Duplano", and "Behold", three CDs.

From El Rey:
* A collection of 5x7" prints from El Rey (scroll down to "prints")

Consolation Prizes: Everyone who submits a valid entry, but does not win the grand prize, will win a small prize as a token of appreciation for your effort. These include one or more of the following:
* Toothpaste For Dinner buttons, books, and CDs
* Natalie Dee buttons and postcards
* Guster DVDs, CDs, stickers, and buttons. * Kompressor stickers and cds
* Wigu Volume 1/Volume 2 books
* Unframed 5x7" El Rey prints
* White Ninja t-shirt
* Doug Cheatwood CD(s)
* Cat And Girl t-shirt
* Leetcore t-shirt

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